Spokane Auto Repair‘s full range of services ensure a faster, more efficient, performance enhancing vehicle maintenance. Guaranteed.

Auto Repair Spokane, Washington

engine radiator auto repair 300x225 Auto Repair

Spokane Engine Repair – Auto Mechanic Spokane, Washington Auto Repair

The company’s industry certified technicians can customize a servicing program based on a vehicle’s servicing needs or on how the car is normally used. With our in-house skilled technicians, our clients are only required to visit the dealer whenever there is a recall or when they want to trade in their vehicles.

At Spokane Auto Repair, we strictly follow all the procedures that have been recommended by the motor vehicle manufacturer for our automobile services we only use genuine high quality service parts.

Our Spokane Auto Mechanics specialize in:

*Engine overhaul.

*Gear box repairs (both manual and automatic transmission.)

*Shock absorber servicing.

*Air conditioning repair and maintenance.

*Electrical system inspections and repair services.



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